10 Very Good Reasons to Go to Reunion Island

We recently came across this very cool blog article by Cape Town-based blogger Life of Mike, explaining exactly why South Africans should add Reunion Island to their travel bucketlist.

10 Reasons to Go to Reunion Island:

1) Reunion Island is a short 4 hour flight from Johannesburg.
2) South African’s can travel into Reunion Island without a visa.
3) Reunion has one of the most active volcanos in the world.
4) The island offers almost 1,000km of Hiking Trails.
5) The food on the island is amazing.
6) They have Rum, a lot of it, and you have to try it.
7) Their local beer is just as good.
8) There’s no shortage of adrenaline activities.
9) Reunion Island Markets are colourful and delicious.
10) There are hundreds of waterfalls.

For more information on getting to Reunion Island, chat to the really awesome and helpful people at Reunion Tourism.
Source: Life of Mike Blog www.lifeofmike.co.za